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  • May 16, 2018
  • 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
  • Free


Event Description

The goal of this group is to help lay a more cohesive foundation to the Mind, Body, Spirit movement, and to support each other and share information to better serve others. Topics for discussion encompass all healing modalities from chiropractic to Shamanism, spiritual topics, astrology, psychology, neuroscience, food, herbs, and communication. Practitioners and curious open minds are welcome! What you can expect at our First Meetup: *Introduction- Why do this now? *A short presentation on The Future of Health, Healing, and How We Take Care of Ourselves. *Wendy Hornung will share some Astrological Insights you should know about the New Cycle that impacts everyone. *Why cross pollination of thinking from different fields is key. *An opportunity to meet and discuss concerns, challenges and ideas with others. This is an amazing time to be working in the Wellness field. Our planet and communities near and far are going through rapid changes. History does repeat itself, as nature and life are made up of cycles and patterns, but the context and the challenges are different for us each time. Things are changing at an exponential speed which requires some preparation. Just over 10 years ago the Iphone went on the market and now over 2 BILLION people have smartphones. That is approximately one person out of three that are connected worldwide. This connectivity can be a very positive tool and a source of vulnerability to all of us. It is part of our environment, but it is distracting people from communication with their inner self. Those of us who work with others as teachers and healers, or just work with others, often experience this erosion in our personal dynamics. This is why I believe people in all of these related fields need to connect and move forward with a collaborative mindset. Growing and healing can happen in so many ways. Sometimes we get working in a vacuum and learning about what others are doing can help us see where else we can make an impact. Innovation happens through sharing and exploring. Are you open to discovering how else you might use your gifts to serve others? This Meetup is the beginning of this process. The agenda is to share what we are learning and to explore ways that these fields overlap and can expand as a resource in our community. Let’s figure out how to achieve this together. Hosted by the Spirituality, Healing, & Personal Group Meetup:

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