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At least 32 people have died at Istanbul's Ataturk International Airport, where an explosion followed an outburst of gunfire Tuesday night, according to Turkish media. Police and emergency personnel have flocked to the airport. More than 80 people were reportedly injured.

Crucial details about the attack are still emerging: We'll update this post with news from Istanbul as it emerges.

Marlon Williams On World Cafe

15 hours ago

New Zealand's Marlon Williams sings what has been categorized as country music, although he claims a wide range of influences. In the little town of Lyttelton, where he grew up, he relied on his father's record collection; albums by Gram Parsons particularly captivated him.

Williams' otherworldly, pure voice is well suited to play with gender roles in song. Don't miss the video of him performing "When I Was A Young Girl," once sung by Nina Simone, in the World Cafe studio.

Hillary Clinton laid out her economic plan on Monday at a rally in Cincinnati. She appeared with Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a hero to progressives who has stood up to bank executives and called for lower student debt.

NPR's politics team has annotated Clinton's portion of the speech below. Portions we commented on are in boldface, followed by analysis and fact check in italics.

The speech follows:

Voters go to the polls in five states on Tuesday, where congressional primaries in New York and Colorado in particular could have an important impact on key competitive House and Senate races.

Democrats hope to contest as many as four congressional seats in the Empire State, a place that could prove critical in whether they're able to flip the 30 they need to win back the House.

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