3rd District campaigns heat up

Nov 16, 2012

On Halloween night, two Republican candidates for the third congressional seat held a heated debated at Town Square Media’s KPEL 96.5 News Radio station. Representative Boustany and Representative Landry debated for an hour on key topics such as healthcare, medicare, inability to be civil, oil and gas industry and the debt ceiling increase.  Hitting close to home the two debated feverishly about the oil and gas industry. Representative Boustany accused Representative Landry of proposing a job killing mandate that would cause the oil and gas industry $400 million, while causing job loss.  On the opposition, Representative Landry denied those allegations proposing that Representative Boustany was in favor of the Energy Act and spent tax payers money supporting it.  The two are in stiff competition as they battle for the district three seat in Congress on November 6, 2012.

Credit Chelsey Taylor