Alternative cancer doctor treats patients in his clinic, gains negative reviews from FDA

May 10, 2013

 Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski is a physician who has been treating cancer patients with an alternative therapy he discovered in the 1970s for over 30 years.  Some cancer patients, like Youngsville native Carolyn Landry, know nothing about him, because he has been sued by the FDA many times over the last 15 years for “unlawful practices”. He continues to treat and in numerous cases cure people of cancer, some of which were deemed terminally ill by traditional doctors. While he has recently been approved for another step forward in the FDA approval process, a lack of financial support from the government and cancer and pharmaceutical industries hinders his progress, because Burzynski funds his practice through donations and his own money. This controversial story has been featured on several natural health news websites, as well as television shows like “The Dr. Oz Show”. Story by Katie Mendoza

Breast cancer survivor Carolyn Landry showing the wigs she wore after her chemotherapy.