Celebrating Louisiana's Sweetest Commodity

Oct 26, 2012

The sugarcane industry has been a fundamental part of Louisiana’s history, culture, and economy for over 200 years. The industry employs over 162,000 jobs nationally and contributes nearly $2 billion to Louisiana’s economy annually. Although sugar remains a staple in Louisiana and southern cultures, many people aren’t aware of the rich history and valuable importance that this sweet commodity contributes to our livelihoods. The southern city of New Iberia hosts an annual celebration that not only honors sugarcane growers and farmers across the state, but also brings in significant revenue and tourism to the state of Louisiana. This year’s upcoming festival is taking a new direction in order to restore the traditions that many are anticipating will improve this city, industry, and festival.


Cajun Sugar Co-Op located in New Iberia, LA
Credit Blair Blanchard