CODOFIL bounces back from unexpected budget cut

Nov 14, 2012

Whenever Louisianians hear French spoken on radio, television or in the classroom, chances are one organization is owed thanks for keeping the heritage language alive. CODOFIL, or the Council for Development of French in Louisiana, has kept the French culture flourishing in the state since 1968. When Governor Bobby Jindal surprised Acadiana with a line item veto that slashed the budget for CODOFIL by 40 percent this June, Acadiana refused to watch its French heritage fade away. Now, after multiple fundraisers and a community uprising, CODOFIL is back on track to serve Acadiana and preserve the French language.  

Valerie Broussard Boston dances with State Rep. Vincent Pierre at Lache Pas, one of the fundraisers that helped restore CODOFIL’s budget.
Credit by Elizabeth Rose