Darcy James Argue's Secret Society, Live In Concert: Newport Jazz 2012

Aug 4, 2012
Originally published on June 18, 2014 1:56 pm

The composer Darcy James Argue has steadily been rescuing the big band from the dustbin of anachronism through a combination of enormously open ears and a gigantic well of patience. But it's paying off: After the release of his debut album Infernal Machines, the greatness of the Secret Society became an open secret, and his "co-conspirators" have now recorded a much-anticipated sophomore album. Eighteen of them give us a taste, including a peek at the Brooklyn Babylon project, originally designed for live music and live painting.

Set List

  • "Blow-Out Prevention"
  • "Sift"
  • Selections from Brooklyn Babylon
  • "Zeno"
  • "Transit"


  • Darcy James Argue, composer/conductor
  • Erica von Kleist, woodwinds
  • Rob Wilkerson, woodwinds
  • Sam Sadigursky, tenor saxophone/woodwinds
  • John Ellis, tenor saxophone/woodwinds
  • Josh Sinton, baritone saxophone/woodwinds
  • Seneca Black, trumpet
  • Tom Goehring, trumpet
  • Matt Holman, trumpet
  • Nadje Noordhuis, trumpet
  • Ingrid Jensen, trumpet
  • Mike Fahie, trombone
  • Marshall Gilkes, trombone
  • James Hirschfeld, trombone
  • Jennifer Wharton, bass trombone/tuba
  • Sebastian Noelle, guitar
  • Gordon Webster, piano
  • Matt Clohesy, bass
  • Jon Wikan, drums/percussion
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