DeanO’s Pizza Seeks and Finds New Pizza Name

Oct 26, 2012

DeanO’s Pizza in Lafayette began serving a new pizza this past August to its customers, giving it a simple name: Boudin Pizza. Unbeknownst to DeanO’s at the time of its debut, Pastime Restaurant in Baton Rouge created its own Boudin Pizza more than a decade ago, trade-marking the name to protect its uniqueness. DeanO’s was quickly notified of the trademarked pizza name, and decided to solve the situation through Facebook. A contest was held, through the DeanO’s Facebook page, requiring a simple pizza name suggestion. There were over 700 suggestions entered on the site, and the DeanO’s staff then narrowed down the submissions. The winning name chosen is the Cajun Violation. 

DeanO’s Pizza Supervisor Daniel Silvas helped decide a new pizza name.
Credit Janet Hollinshead