Feel-Good Photo: Gabrielle Giffords Atop A Mountain In France

Jul 24, 2012

After four days of sadly serious news about what happened in Aurora, Colo., here's a photo that may lift your heart.

Reuters explains that former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, D-Ariz., rode a two-stage cable car on Monday to the peak of Aiguille du Midi in the French Alps. That's 12,605-feet above sea level.

Then, as you can see from the photo, she and her husband Mark Kelly enjoyed the view.

Giffords was critically wounded on Jan. 8, 2011, when a gunman attacked a meet-and-greet event she was holding in Tucson. Six people were killed. Thirteen, including the then-congresswoman, were injured. Giffords, who was shot in the head, can walk again but often uses a wheelchair.

Kelly, a former astronaut, was in Chamonix with other astronauts to install a plaque at a mountain research station. The plaque commemorates the last U.S. space shuttle mission. Kelly and the crew of the shuttle Endeavour took a particle detector developed at the nearby European Nuclear Research Center to the International Space Station.

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