Guerilla Food: Enter the Food Truck

Nov 7, 2012

What began as a spark of an idea – to provide quality food on-the-go – has ignited into a full-blown food truck revolution.  Collin Cormier, chef and owner of Viva La Waffle, believes there are several factors involved in the success of his and other food trucks throughout the country, allowing visitors to “get out and grab some food without the built-in expense of silverware and dishes and chairs and tables and all that kind of stuff,” says Cormier.  Those savings are passed on to the consumer, allowing these mobile kitchens to cook with quality ingredients and sell at a price competitive with rival fast food establishments.  The food truck revolution continues to grow in number and rank, and continues to turn the conventional food industry on its ear. 

Credit Denan JonesCustomers begin to line up for the lunch rush at Viva la Waffle.Edit | Remove