Holy Rosary Renovations

May 10, 2013

Iconic building of the past and present collide in a new bill that plans to redirect $200,000 of the hotel-motel tax income, from the Cajundome to the Holy Rosary Institute Redevelopment Fund. The Holy Rosary Institute is in major needs of renovation, and it will be a multi-stage process to completely renovate. Plans to start renovating the Holy Rosary Institute, might mean plans of cutting back for the Cajundome. Executive Director of the Cajundome, Greg Davis, says that Cajundome needs the money to properly maintain their facilities. Once fully renovated the plans for Holy Rosary Institute are not set in stone, but do include a community health center on the first floor and a museum tracing the work of Mother Catherine Drexel  and the history of Holy Rosary Institute. Story by Thomas Babin

Holy Rosary Institute