John Prine On Mountain Stage

Apr 5, 2013
Originally published on July 2, 2014 8:46 am

John Prine made his third appearance on Mountain Stage on April 27, 1997. When this episode originally aired, Prine's 10-song set was cut short to fit the radio broadcast, so nearly half of this performance is being heard here for the first time.

Prine was touring in support of his now-famous Live on Tour album, drawn from a series of shows in the mid-'90s. As such, his set features material from different periods in his career. Prine plays songs from Lost Dogs and Mixed Blessings as well as from The Missing Years, including "Picture Show" and "Lake Marie." He closes his set with an encore performance of "Paradise," from his first album. In a rare Mountain Stage twist, Prine is joined on stage by power-pop pioneer Alex Chilton, who'd appeared earlier in the very same show.

Set List

  • "Picture Show"
  • "The Late John Garfield"
  • "Fish & Whistle"
  • "People Puttin' People Down"
  • "Souvenirs"
  • "The Bottomless Lake"
  • "Space Monkey"
  • "Kokomo"
  • "Lake Marie"
  • "Paradise"
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