Louisiana Legislatives Push For the Passing of A New Law Requiring Drug Testing for Welfare

Nov 28, 2012

There are currently over one hundred million people on welfare in 2012. It may be harder for these Americans to obtain welfare as 23 states have, or are considering a requirement for recipients to take drug tests before receiving any government assistance. Louisiana State Representative Sherman Mack proposed the bill making Louisiana one of those 23 states. Mack believes the legislation is aimed to help people rid of drug habits in order to work again and deter the misuse of state funds. The passing of the bill would require recipients to sign a consent form before drug testing. If a recipient failed a drug test, their government assistance will be suspended for a minimum of one year. The proposal of the bill was introduced to the Senate ending in a 3-1 vote against it. Without the proof of the screening process for welfare not already being effective, the law failed to gain the support of the Senate committee. Although the idea failed in the Louisiana Legislature, Sherman Mack says he will attempt to re-introduce the bill next year.

Lafayette’s government assistance building located off of Kaliste Saloom helps local families in need by offering a variety of funding assistance services.
Credit Kelly Tien