New Orleans natives bring the holidays to the homeless under the Claiborne Bridge

Dec 3, 2012

The 55-year old Claiborne Avenue Bridge links the poverty-stricken upper and lower Ninth Wards of New Orleans, which has seen its share of hardship ever since the bridge opened in 1957. A floating barge struck it in 1993 causing two cars to spill into the water – killing one and injuring two others. And in 2008 a New Orleans police officer was killed when his car plunged into the canal after the Claiborne Bridge malfunctioned and was left in a raised position. Nowadays, homeless people gather below the bridge, which has caught the eye of Laura Jackson and her church members who came to the rescue by providing meals for the homeless; in honor of Thanksgiving.

Credit Aysia ChampagneThe Claiborne Avenue Bridge doubles as residing grounds for the homeless.Edit | Remove