One of Louisiana's Staples Could Be Linked to Rising Alcohol Fatalities

Oct 30, 2012

Louisiana is among twenty-three other states that allow drive-thru daiquiris constantly attracting tourists from other states.Manager of Dix Daiquiris, Jordan Turnage, is one of the many that are fans of these frozen alcoholic beverages to-go. Drunk driving activists claim that these drive-thru daiquiri shops is just dangerous.  Some, like Marion Stokes, a supporter of the Students against Drunk Driving Committee, believes it is the gateway to drunk driving and easier access to the distribution of minors. Witnessing her own personal drunk driving accident completed her decision to be against these innovations. Louisiana law allows drivers to buy frozen alcoholic drinks made with rum, vodka, and tequila, sometimes with concentration as high as 190 proof, from their car without  breaking the state’s open container law. A violation only occurs if the driver or a passenger removes the lid on the drink, puts a straw through the lid hole, or removes part or all of the content. Even with DUI rates and alcohol related fatalities on the rise, Louisiana still supports drive-thru daiquiri shops. 

Manager of Dix Daiquiris, Jordan Turnage, serves a daiquiri to a customer.
Credit Kelly Tien