The Operatic Occupations Puzzler

Jul 18, 2012

Jobs, jobs, jobs. Who needs them, who's going to get them and who might lose them? It's a hot topic on the campaign trail. With the addition of only about 80,000 jobs last month, the June unemployment rate remained at a stubborn 8.2 percent.

Thankfully, economic factors like these don't weigh heavily in opera — at least for the characters themselves. Although, come to think of it, Leporello is left unemployed when his boss Don Giovanni is dragged down to hell. And then there's poor Canio, star of Pagliacci, who won't be getting many more acting gigs after stabbing two colleagues to death.

Below are six operatic characters with relatively steady employment. Your own job is to listen to each music clip, identify the character and his or her occupation, then drag the clip to the corresponding image. Score high, and look for that bonus in your paycheck. Screw up, and beware the pink slip.

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