Out to Lunch: December 6, 2017- Singer Songwriter

Dec 6, 2017

In Acadiana we love music. Not only do we listen to it, but many of us play it. There are probably more musicians per capita here than anywhere in the country. Music, for many families, is a way of both celebrating and passing on our culture. It is, as the late Eddie LeJeune, said, “In the Blood.” Despite the fact that music is a central part of our lives, making a living from music is not easy around here. While we have lots of music, we don’t have a lot of music business. We share that problem with the rest of the country. Since the advent of online music streaming services like Spotify, it’s very difficult for musicians, or record companies, to make money from sales of recorded music. Which leaves music for film, commercials, and live performance as the principal sources of revenue for musicians today. With the focus on live music here in Acadiana, you’d think that would work well for our local musicians. However, if you know any, you’ll notice they’re not living in gated mansions or driving fancy cars like their counterparts in Nashville, or even Austin. So why not? Two local musicians shed some light on the Acadiana music biz.

Lane Mack was born and raised in Lafayette. He was a contestant on the TV show The Voice, and his record, “Swampodisiac,” rose to the number 2 spot on the iTunes Blues chart.  

Sean Bruce was born and raised in Carencro. Sean went to UL where he graduated with a degree in business with a focus on music. He’s the owner of the Norwood Recording Company, his independent record label which released his latest recording, Staring At Maps.