Out to Lunch: May 16, 2018 - Acadiana Worm Farm

May 16, 2018

Rusty Wilson is a vermiculturalist. Also known as a worm farmer. Yes, worms. Down on the Acadiana Worm Farm, Rusty has hundreds of thousands of Red Wigglers, African Nightcrawlers and European Night Crawlers.

Like a dairy farmer farms cows for milk, or a sheep farmer farms sheep for wool, Rusty’s worms themselves are not the crop. It’s the worm castings. Or poop. In horticultural circles, worm poop is a highly regarded fertilizer. And worm farming is, pound for pound, a pretty lucrative business.

You might be thinking, “Well that’s about as odd as it’s going to get. Aileen couldn’t find a business wackier than worm farming.” How about a business where you don’t have to do anything? Except show up and be yourself. Much as you’d be, say, in your own home. That’s what Joseph Vidrine  does for a living. Jo is a self-described “Freelance Cajun.”