Sandwich Monday: The Crunchwrap Supreme

Jul 30, 2012

The Taco Bell Crunchwrap Supreme is, in the words of Taco Bell, engineered "for maximum portability." In truth, their short-lived "Back Pocket Chalupa" was more portable, but also more tragic.

MacKenzie: It looks like a frisbee. Maybe that's what the portability is about.

Robert: They need to make one in boomerang form, for people who don't want to share.

Ian: It has a tostada inside, for structural integrity.

Peter: That's the first time anyone has ever talked about "integrity" describing this food.

Peter: It's a little floppy. Are you sure you didn't get the Taco Bell Limpwrap Supreme?

Mike: You know, its octagonal shape says "stop," but I'm going ahead with this anyway.

Ian: If Taco Bell Crunchwrap Supreme was the first time you heard the word "supreme," you would not understand what the word "supreme" means.

Robert: Diana Ross is already consulting her attorney.

Ian: If they really want to make it portable, it needs a cupholder.

Peter: And little meat wheels.

Eva: I bought one of those arm pouches so I could carry my Crunchwrap while jogging.

[The verdict: It tastes like all other Taco Bell food and is in a different shape.]

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