Sandwich Monday: The Pritomus

Jun 11, 2012

We believe the children are the future. And here at Sandwich Monday, we try to foster the next generation of eaters through our after-school programs and subliminal EAT BACON messages. That's why we were so happy to see Peter's daughter Willa had invented her own sandwich: The Pritomus. It's hummus, Fritos and pickles served open-faced on an English muffin.

Peter: Into our mouths from babes.

Robert: I love the way kids today can celebrate the diversity of our society. Hummus from the Middle East, French pickles, English muffins, and Fritos from Fatland.

Ian: This sandwich tells us that Peter either a) encourages creativity in his children or b) never goes grocery shopping.

Robert: This is what was in their refrigerator? Why do the Sagals live in a college dorm?

Ian: It's really good. She's a Snack Prodigy. She'll join the ranks of Medical Prodigy Doogie Howser and Dance Prodigy Dougie Howser.

Eva: It's wonderful to see how well Michelle's "Let's Move" campaign has trickled down to America's youth.

MacKenzie: Do they grow Fritos in the White House garden?

Ian: I look forward to seeing this very combination in Oscar Mayer's upcoming Lunchables For The Criminally InsaneTM.

Robert: So tasty though. This is a big improvement over the Lego, Mud and Lincoln Log sandwich Willa made back in preschool.

[The verdict: Super delicious. A great contrast of textures and flavors. If all you have in your fridge is pickles, hummus, English muffins and Fritos, you now know you can still have a delicious snack. But why do you refrigerate your Fritos, weirdo?]

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