Students from Indian mistreated by other international students

Nov 14, 2012

Annie, an international student who attends the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, is facing discrimination by students from her very own country. As a Christian, Annie is looked down upon by her Hindu roommates. They make sure she is aware of their disapproval by stealing her food and making her feel like everything she does is a mistake.  “It’s just like the Hindus treat Christians in India,” says Annie. 

Annie’s experience is rare, according to Miranda Taylor, the International Student Director for Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship at the university, suggesting international students tend to support one another.  Despite Annie’s living situation, she feels welcomed by others at the university, something Taylor recognizes as being the normal response of non-international students. For now, Annie is currently looking for another place to live, a place where maybe she can live out the so-called American life, free to be who she is- a Christian from a Hindu world. Credit Jessica TaylorAnnie, an international student at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, shows pride for her school despite her mistreatment at home.Edit | Remove