Tedium Grows Along the Campaign Trail

Dec 3, 2012

During election season, attack ads are a massive revenue source for broadcasters around the country; it leaves many asking the question: how much money is too much when it comes to campaigning? Kevin Wiltz, head of the commercial department of Cumulus Media in Lafayette, explains that broadcasters are legally obligated to accept any and all campaign advertising. The law referred to is Section 315 of the Communications Act of 1934, which was established to provide equal advertising opportunity to all candidates. In Louisiana, Charles Boustany and Jeff Landry have waged a highly-publicized battle for the District 3 Congressional seat, with both utilizing attack ads disparaging each other’s stances on various issues. Yet, Political Science professor Pearson Cross believes that the over-saturation of political ads in the local market has cost both candidates precious votes. 

Credit by Denan JonesBroadcasting organizations such as Cumulus Media in Lafayette are required by law to air political ads without censorship of any kind, at the least applicable cost.Edit | Remove