Understanding Suicide and Fighting Back

Nov 16, 2012

Over 30 thousand Americans commit suicide each and every year; there are approximately 95 cases daily and 2,370 attempts. For Jace Edwards, suicide is a word that’s all too familiar: he lost five friends to suicide over the course of three months, and nearly a sixth. One of the major factors in the growing number of cases is certainly depression. However, Rick Perkins, a doctor of clinical psychology, explains that there are usually many other variables as well. The alarming rise in incidences of suicide has not gone unnoticed; there are organizations nationwide dedicated to suicide prevention through awareness, such as the Jacob Crouch Foundation, which Edwards serves as a board member.  The group implements presentations and films that encourage discussion with students from the elementary to high school level.  In an odd twist, research shows that many of the states that ranked highest in overall life satisfaction also had some of the highest rates of suicide in the country.  An exception to the rule is Louisiana, which has the highest overall satisfaction rates as well as one of the lowest suicide rates.  On a very uncomfortable topic, it’s one fact that Louisianaians can take comfort in.

Institutes such as UL Lafayette’s Saucier Wellness Center offer counseling services for those who suffer with depression.
Credit Denan Jones