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Each week Pearson Cross interviews Acadiana's most important officials and news-makers.

Dr. Pearson Cross is Associate Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and an associate professor in the Department of Political Science at UL Lafayette. His principal areas of teaching are State and Local politics, Southern and Louisiana politics. He is a frequent commentator on political issues at the national, state and local level. He has published on topics including redistricting, elections, white supremacy, southern political culture, and the Louisiana Judiciary. He is currently working on a book about the politics of education reform in Louisiana. In addition to his radio show, Bayou to Beltway, Dr. Cross has a monthly column called Cross-wise in the Independent magazine ( Dr. Cross received his B.A., from San Francisco State University in 1985 and his Ph.D. from Brandeis University in Massachusetts in 1997. His first avocation is jazz piano; his second is southern cooking. He is married to Lisa Orten Cross and has one son, Elias, and one daughter, Lucy.


    Each week Dr. Pearson Cross interviews Acadiana's most important officials and news-makers.


    This week Bayou to Beltway talks to League of Women Voters of Louisiana representatives Kathleen Espinoza and Ed Bowie about the organization and its timely work promoting good citizenship, voter registration, and relevant in

    Lafayette City Parish Government Council members Bruce Conque and Kevin Naquin on today's show discussing the budget crisis facing Lafayette Parish. This conversation swirls around taxes, contributions, tough votes on the council and a number of pressing issues facing the voters of Lafayette Parish. Tune in and be informed, on Bayou to Beltway, 12:30 Wednesday and 5:30 Saturday.

    This week Bayou to Beltway talks to members of the local group, Move the Mindset, which originated in the movement against the statue of Alfred Mouton in downtown Lafayette. We probe the roots of their activism in the context of the larger activism promoted by recent election, culminating in the election of Donald Trump. We ask questions about the justice, race, history, and the role of activism in politics in Acadiana today.

    Bayou to Beltway: March 1, 2017

    Mar 1, 2017

    Each week Dr. Pearson Cross interviews Acadiana's most important officials and news-makers.