Programs A-Z

  • Live news from National Public Radio.

  • Classical music and interviews with local non-profit, educational, and cultural organizations.

  • Each week Pearson Cross interviews Acadiana's most important officials and news-makers.

    Pearson Cross served as Head of the Political Science Department at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette from 2009 to 2014, and as Chair of the...

  • Folk music and interviews about environmental awareness.

  • Interviews with authors, entertainers, and news makers.

  • Compilation of features from throughout the week on Fresh Air.

  • Live news from National Public Radio.

  • PRI’s The World is a one-hour, weekday radio news magazine offering a mix of news, features, interviews, and music from around the globe. Launched in 1996, PRI’s The World, a co-production of WGBH/Boston, Public Radio International, and the BBC...

  • About 12,000 people have lost jobs in Louisiana's oil and gas industry since 2014, according to the state's Workforce Commission. As the price of oil has fallen by more than half, companies are scaling back, and headlines about layoffs appear...

  • Live news from NPR.