Medicine Ball Caravan on KRVS

Monday-Thursday 11:00AM-12:00 PM, Tuesday-Friday 2:00-3:00 AM
  • Hosted by Cecil Doyle

An eclectic mix of folk, rock, singer/songwriters, in-studio performances and interviews.

Medicine Ball Caravan: June 18, 2018

Jun 18, 2018

Monday's MEDICINE BALL CARAVAN on KRVS (11am-noon Central Standard) pays a brief tribute to the passing of two legendary rock 'n roll drummers over the weekend: DJ Fontana & Nick Knox. Plus: a birthday nod to Paul McCartney.

Medicine Ball Caravan: June 14, 2018

Jun 14, 2018

All groovy on you with selections from Bas Clas, Viatones, Susan Cowsill, Zuider Zee, Gu-Ru, Sarcotics, and Qui

Medicine Ball Caravan: June 13, 2018

Jun 13, 2018

Wednesday's MEDICINE BALL CARAVAN on KRVS (11am-noon Central Standard) fills your late morning cup with new releases by Cowboy Junkies, Lera Lynn w/ Dylan Leblanc, Brother 

Medicine Ball Caravan: June 12, 2017

Jun 12, 2018

Music from Three Thirty Seven, Yvette Landry & the Jukes, Radio Zydeco, Shannon Shaw and John Fogerty w/ Billy Gibbons.

Medicine Ball Caravan: June 11, 2018

Jun 11, 2018

Monday's MEDICINE BALL CARAVAN on KRVS (11am-noon) features tracks by Simon & Garfunkel, Ry Cooder, Wendy Colonna, Danielle Nicole, Niki Blum, Dusty Springfield, Robin Trower, The Doors and more.