Medicine Ball Caravan on KRVS

Monday-Thursday 11:00AM-12:00 PM, Tuesday-Friday 2:00-3:00 AM
  • Hosted by Cecil Doyle

An eclectic mix of folk, rock, singer/songwriters, in-studio performances and interviews.

Medicine Ball Caravan: August 4, 2016

Aug 4, 2016

Thursday's MEDICINE BALL CARAVAN on KRVS (11am-noon Central Standard on 88.7FM or moves your radio with the latest releases by The Monkees, Makers Reel and Brass Bed. Also: recordings by Thomas Edisun's Electric Light Bulb Band, The Beatles, The Byrds, Fifty-Foot Hose, Spirit, The Vampires' Sound Incorporation, Dengue Fever, Siouxsie & the Banshees, Yma Sumac and Esquivel.  

Medicine Ball Caravan: August 3, 2016

Aug 3, 2016

Wednesday's MEDICINE BALL CARAVAN on KRVS rocks out with spins by C.W. Stoneking, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Pokey Lafarge & the South City Three, Esquerita, Bobby Marchan, Ike Turner, Classie Ballou, Buddy Bow, Dale Hawkins, Joyce Green, The Centurians, Bobby Fuller and more.  

Medicine Ball Caravan: August 2, 2016

Aug 2, 2016

Tuesday's MEDICINE BALL CARAVAN on KRVS  with the latest byMichael Juan Nunez, Jocelyn & Chris Arndt and Sarah Jarosz.

Medicine Ball Caravan: August 1, 2016

Aug 1, 2016

Monday's MEDICINE BALL CARAVAN digs through the stacks for tracks from the latest releases by Roddie Romero & the Hub City All Stars, Wilco, Allah Las, Bas Clas, Danielle Nicole and The Record Company. Also: knockout tunes by Fats Domino, Bob Dylan, The Doors, Santana, Blondie and David Bowie.  

Medicine Ball Caravan: July 28, 2016

Jul 28, 2016

Thursday's MEDICINE BALL CARAVAN (11am-noon Central Standard on KRVS Public Media 88.7FM locally or grooves to the latest sounds of Nicest of the Damned, Go Kinba !, Dirty Bourbon River Show and The Monkees.