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David Dye

Since 1991, World Cafe has showcased contemporary music, serving up an eclectic blend of blues, rock, folk and alternative country. David Dye hosts the program from member station WXPN in Philadelphia. Each show centers on David's "performance chat" with a featured artist or band.

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World Cafe
11:13 am
Mon March 30, 2015

Houndmouth On World Cafe

Rocco Peditto WXPN

The rootsy Louisville rock band Houndmouth just released its second album, Little Neon Limelight. Like 2013's From The Hills Below The City, it pairs smart songwriting with huge sing-along choruses that prove hard to resist.

At times, Houndmouth's interplay recalls the perfectly ramshackle sound of The Band. In this session, its members perform a live set in front of an adoring crowd at World Cafe Live.

World Cafe
1:29 pm
Fri March 20, 2015

World Cafe Presents: Brandi Carlile

Brandi Carlile performs live on the World Cafe.
Rocco Peditto WXPN

Brandi Carlile has a deserved reputation for a dynamic voice that she has really learned to work over the years. But it's always in service to the song. Case in point: this version of the new song "The Eye." It's a beautiful, subdued World Cafe performance with The Twins, Tim and Phil Hanseroth.

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World Cafe
12:08 pm
Thu March 19, 2015

Brandi Carlile On World Cafe

Brandi Carlile.
Rocco Peditto WXPN

Originally published on Mon March 23, 2015 8:25 am

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World Cafe
10:22 am
Wed March 18, 2015

Courtney Barnett On World Cafe

Courtney Barnett.
Courtesy of the artist

Originally published on Tue April 7, 2015 10:22 am

When Courtney Barnett combined her previously released Australian EPs into A Sea of Split Peas in 2013 and put them out in the U.S., we fell in love. She's an amazing writer, with wordplay that manages to capture the stream of consciousness of the everyday without becoming overly clever.

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World Cafe
1:36 pm
Tue March 17, 2015

JD McPherson On World Cafe

JD Mcpherson.
Kelsey Stanger WXPN

To hear JD McPherson say it, he heard Little Richard and there was no turning back. That pioneering hero and the music of Buddy Holly form the basis of the sound of the records McPherson has gone on to make. His song "North Side Gal" caught a lot of attention for his first album, which was made in a bit of a vacuum with nobody having many expectations.

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