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Monkey See
10:13 am
Fri July 6, 2012

Pop Culture Happy Hour: The Lure Of The Open Road


Originally published on Fri July 6, 2012 10:28 am

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Among the many things to which we turn our thoughts in summer is road-tripping — particularly apt because Glen Weldon and Stephen Thompson were both traveling this week, bringing Mike Katzif and Barrie Hardymon to the discussion with me and Trey Graham. We had a chat about all manner of road movies, from the classic dust-and-motorcycles type to the kind that might not even appear to be a road movie until you look more closely.

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Movie Reviews
10:06 am
Fri July 6, 2012

'Savages:' A Violent, Drug-Induced High

In Savages, the love triangle among Chon (Taylor Kitsch), O (Blake Lively) and Ben (Aaron Johnson) is disrupted when O is kidnapped by a Mexican cartel.
Francois Duhamel Universal Studios

Originally published on Fri July 6, 2012 10:57 am

Often I'm asked, "What's the worst movie ever made?" and I say, "I don't know, but my own least favorite is Oliver Stone's Natural Born Killers." The early script by Quentin Tarantino was heavily revised, and the final film became a celebration of serial killers, now existential heroes with absolute freedom. Beyond the bombardment that was Stone's direction, the worldview was abominable.

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Games & Humor
11:22 pm
Thu July 5, 2012

Ask Me Another's Grand Prize Winners

Eric Nuzum NPR

Originally published on Wed December 19, 2012 4:43 pm

Ask Me Another's grand prize winners have walked away with some enviable, one-of-a-kind gifts, which were chosen and presented by none other than their show's Mystery Guest.

Here are some of the season's best prizes:

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Ask Me Another
10:58 pm
Thu July 5, 2012

A Chef Walks Into A Milk Bar

Momofuku Milk Bar chef Christina Tosi in her kitchen laboratory.
Gabri Stabile Courtesy of Momofuku Milk Bar

Originally published on Fri December 21, 2012 2:20 pm

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Movie Reviews
4:39 pm
Thu July 5, 2012

A Writer In Retreat, And An Unlikely 'Collaborator'

Robert (Martin Donovan, left), a writer in need of inspiration, sits with his uncultured kidnapper, Gus (David Morse), in Collaborator. Donovan also wrote and directed the film.
Julie Kirkwood Tribeca Film

Robert Longfellow, the auspiciously named playwright at the center of Collaborator, was at one point good enough to be sincerely called "the voice of his generation." What a convenient shortcut for a film about a writer! The moniker says everything — he's basically Arthur Miller, see? — without his needing to say anything. It doesn't matter what the man wrote, only that people thought it was grand.

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