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10:24 am
Fri August 16, 2013

Mali's Challenger Concedes, As Zimbabwe Fights Election Results



And now it's time for BackTalk. That's where we hear from you, the listener. Editor Ahmad Omar is here with us once again. What's going on, Ahmad?

AMMAD OMAR, BYLINE: Hey, Celeste. I wanted to start with some news updates. A couple weeks ago, we talked about two big elections in Africa...

HEADLEE: ...Right.

OMAR: ...And we have some updates on those races this week.

HEADLEE: OK, let's hear them.

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10:24 am
Fri August 16, 2013

What's Making Headlines Outside Of Washington?

Congress has gone home for its annual August recess, so Tell Me More takes a look at headlines in places across the country. Guest host Celeste Headlee talks with Mike Leary from the San Antonio Express-News and Dana Coffield of The Denver Post.

The Two-Way
6:13 am
Fri August 16, 2013

Book News: English Translation Of New Murakami Novel Expected In 2014

Haruki Murakami is also the author of The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, Norwegian Wood and Kafka on the Shore.
Elena Seibert Knopf

The daily lowdown on books, publishing, and the occasional author behaving badly.

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The Salt
5:14 pm
Thu August 15, 2013

Can Quinoa Farming Go Global Without Leaving Andeans Behind?

A man cleans quinoa grain in Pacoma, Bolivia.
Juan Karita AP

Originally published on Fri August 16, 2013 2:53 pm

I ate quinoa-and-turkey chili in a cafeteria today, which, when you think about it, is pretty amazing. Rarely does an entire culture, almost overnight, adopt an entirely new food.

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Found Recipes
4:43 pm
Thu August 15, 2013

Drowning In Zucchini? 3 Recipes Can Help

Originally published on Mon August 26, 2013 2:57 pm

There's no shame in admitting it: Mid-August may be the point in the summer when you throw up your hands when it comes to zucchini. The vegetable is both the joy and bane of gardeners and cooks. Joy because there are so many possibilities — bread, fritters, stuffed blossoms and ratatouille. And bane because the plants never seem to stop growing, producing squash nearly nonstop until you're up to your eyeballs in the green things.

Kate Workman, author of The Mom 100 cookbook and blog, knows that pain.

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