KRVS at Full Power

Feb 13, 2014

As of 4pm we back to full power. Hopefully we can maintain this for a long time. The HD signal will have a farther reach and analog reception should be cleaner.

KRVS in Low Power Mode

Feb 12, 2014

As of 2/11/14 we've been at low power due to ice build up on the antenna. I expect to remain at low power until 2/13/14 Thursday afternoon.

KRVS in Low Power Mode...Again

Jan 24, 2014

Tuesday 2/11/2014 

In low power again as about 8pm. Still as of now we have ice build up on the antenna. So we'll be at low power until Thursday mid day...I presume.

Tuesday 1/28/2014

I've just reduced the power on the transmitter to "low power status" as ice begins to build up on our antenna. By tomorrow we should be back to full power.

Saturday 1/25/2014