Underwriting at KRVS

"On public radio, the message works because your client's brand stands for the same values that our listeners do. Public radio works because we provide a return to the fundamentals of effective advertising--a simple, highly credible message delivered to a large, loyal audience in an ultra low-clutter, high-integrity environment." --Gray Smith, Louisville Public Media

KRVS partners with area businesses to underwrite over 70 nationally syndicated and locally produced programs, including: Morning Edition, All Things Considered, Blues Box and more. Our underwriters benefit through targeted, on-air messaging directed to a dedicated and discerning audience. All underwriting fees paid to KRVS are tax-deductible. To find out more about underwriting at KRVS, call (337) 482.1437 or email jdivine@krvs.org.

KRVS Underwriters include: